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The combination of bad food, cramped legroom and expensive tickets doesn't exactly make for a good time.

While most airlines nowadays don't base their hiring practices as heavily on physical appearances as they did in the 's, there's no doubt that looks often still play a role, no matter male or female. If most something guys could have their way, they'd probably have girls wearing nothing but bikinis. Well, that or lingerie come on, we've all seen lingerie football on TV.

Now for the first time Thanks for showing us your 4. Air Serbia Formerly Jat Airways, Air Serbia has had both a name change and a change of countries since diverging from Yugoslavia in the s — but the gorgeousness of their flight crew has remained a constant.

Oh, and don't forget about that sexy French accent when they ask you, "Coffee or tea?

Sometimes, though, you wish you had someone to share your experience, or to open your eyes to one that you probably never would've thought of on your own It Find local sex Grand Rapids Michigan us wondering what the male Bonus tip: if you're not able to hop on a VietJet flight anytime soon, you can do the next best thing and purchase one of their annual calendars. Thanks for showing us your 1.

Emirates The Instagram-famous airline is Instagram-famous for a reason.

Old women chat roulette air hosts of Air Emirates have gained quite a reputation on social media for their unique, recognizable uniform and their stunning good looks in equal measure.

Based in Dubai, the company hires their employees from all countries around the globe, and even has their own flight training academy in the UAE's main airport.

Aside from the attractiveness of their staff, the airline is also making news Married ladies looking sex Finland their cheeky jabs at the United States' recent laptop ban — which is making us fall in love with them even .